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Non-emergency medical transportation is a form of medical transportation which is provided in non-emergency situations to people who require special medical attention. Ambulances, helicopters, and other emergency transport vehicles may be used in non-emergency medical transport, but the goal of the transport is to get the patient from one location to another while offering medical support, rather than to offer field treatment and rapid transport to an emergency facility. Some hospitals and other facilities offer non-emergency medical transportation as part of their services, and this service is also available through specialty companies such as Sacred Heart Med-Transit.

A candidate for non-emergency medical transportation is medically stable, but still in need of medical support. For example, a resident of a nursing home who had just spent some time in the hospital might need non-emergency medical transport to get back to the nursing home so that nurses or paramedics could monitor the patient’s condition and deal with any medical equipment associated with the patient. Likewise, a chronically ill patient might need medical transport to get to doctor’s appointments.
The following information will give you an idea of different components that qualify for this specialty service:

Ambulatory Transportation:

Ambulatory services are designed for individuals who can walk or transfer safety to a passenger vehicle. Individuals who use assistive devices when walking could also benefit from ambulatory transportation services to go places. We can assist clients in and out the vehicle. We can standby or stay on-call while clients attend their activities. We utilize passenger vehicles with slight modifications to provide ambulatory transportation services. Our clients can hire us on a trip-basis or by blocks of hours. We can estimate your cost using starting and end locations.

Wheelchair Transportation:

Our wheelchair transportation services are designed for individuals who are wheelchair bound and unable to transfer safely to a passenger vehicle. The client remains in the wheelchair throughout the trip. We secure wheelchairs using especially designated straps and further secure patients with seat-belts. We are not a curb-side transportation company. We can enter our client’s home to assist client in and out of wheelchair at no extra cost. We utilize specially modified Vans equipped with Mechanical lift to load and unload patients. Clients can hire us on a trip-basis or by blocks of hours. We can estimate the cost of your trip in no time at all.

Wait Time/Stand By Services:

We understand that some appointments may take anywhere from 15-45 minutes or less. Our experienced and qualified staff will wait at your request for any amount of time needed for an additional cost. Applicable wait time and situations may vary. We wait for you!

Specialty Transit:

Every client scene is unique, and every service has its own operating environment that includes geography, terrain, demographics, and protocol. Having the right equipment for each situation is crucial to maintaining safety for clients and transport technicians. That is why we have equipped ourselves to handle a majority of special needs.

  • Bariatric:

We are equipped to handle transportation for Bariatric Clients who weigh up to 500 lb. We use special equipment and extra operators to provide safe and efficient bariatric transportation services to clients. Under certain conditions we may require the Fire Department to assist us in transporting Bariatric clients.

  • Special Needs:

Finding transportation to and from medical appointments and community events, as well as running day-to-day errands can be a challenge, particularly for those who require assistance beyond what family members, friends, and public transit can provide. Sacred Heart Med-Transit is dedicated to accommodating the unique needs of these individuals by providing safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation anywhere you or your loved one need to go.

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Sacred Heart Med-Transit is a Proud Partner with BrightWatch Caregivers. All of your home care needs, serving Orange County.

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